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I Love This and That: candle in a jar

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

candle in a jar

These jar look beautiful and you can personalize them as you want. You can have loads of fun and really be creative in making them...

What you need:

glass jam jars
glue gun
masking tape
spray paint
print of word you want to put on your jars

Make sure your jars are clean and free from glue and dust.

Cut the paper so that the word will fit in the jar and place it in the inside of the jar, masking tape it in the right spot. Now using your hot glue gun write the word on the jar.

For the jar with the heart, cut out a heart and stick it to the masking tape. Then cut the masking tape so that it is about 1mm bigger, so that it will stick to your jar (it's easier to peel off than if the heart was sticky all the way through).  Then at the top and the bottom make dots with the glue gun.

When the glue is dry, spray the jars with spray paint, keeping the spray can at least 20cm away so that you get a even spread of paint on the jar. If you don't want with spray paint to make a fine spray inside your jar, you can fill the jar with newspaper.

After about 2 min, remove the masking tape hearts then allow the paint to dry.

Add a ribbon to the top of the jar, put a tea light candle in and there you have a beautiful jar for a candle.

You can use these for a function and write happy birthday, or happy ever after, or names on the jars. Even using the bigger jars and write table numbers/names on, the possibilities are endless... share your creative ideas on what to put on these jars with us!

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