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I Love This and That: paper rosette

Thursday, May 3, 2012

paper rosette

I went to a wedding last week-end and the table numbers were paper rosettes with the inside the table number, it really looked pretty.  So I did what I do when I see something I love :-) got home and tried to make them myself and share it with you!

The paper rosettes are very "hot" now.  To use as decor, or to dolly up a present.  You can even make loads of them and stick them on a rope to make bunting and hang it up at your next party.

I used a old books pages.

Because the book's pages are small, you need to stick two pages together.

You start off with folding two pages 1cm folds until you finish the whole page.  Because the pages are wide, cut them in half, and stick them together with double sided tape.

When sticking the pages together, the turn the bottom page that the last fold ends up and the one you put on top of it the last fold should end down.  Stick the double sided tape on the bottom fold and stick the top on to it.  You will see that you hardly even see the attachment.

You stick them all together to form a circle.

Squeeze the circle so that you bring the inside corners together.

Hold the one end and use your fingers to open the other end and flatten on the table.

Now using the glue gun stick the inside corners together.  Hold it in place till dry.

Stick a scrap-booking paper circle on the middle and a button on top of that... and there you have your paper rosette!

You can now use the glue gun to attach the rosette to a stick or using double sided tape stick to a gift.



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