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I Love This and That: closed paper protea

Thursday, March 8, 2012

closed paper protea

This post is a follow-up on the post I made October 2011 "paper protea" where I showed how to fold a protea looking flower with a book.  This is the same thing but it's a different flower that you can add to your collection.  And again all you really have to do is to get out and pick up a few branches, then dig in your bookshelf for a few old books.  I got these books from a local second hand bookshop cheap, cheap... 

You need: 
  • Old books (for these 1/2 a book per flower)
  • Branches (thin on the one side so it can fit into the hole of the flower)
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Wood glue

step 1: Remove the cover of the book, so only the pages of the book left 

Step 2: Start folding the book, two pages at a time and make sure that you fold it neatly at the bottom of the page and the bottom edge neatly against the spine of the book...

Step 3: Then fold again

Step 4: Then fold the top down

Step 5: lastly fold the little triangle in...

Fold the whole book in this manner!

 Keep on folding till all pages are folded in and voila... you have your flower!

Step 6: Now for the stem of the flower! Turn the flower upside down squirt some wood glue in the hole and then push one of the branches you have collected in the hole. You can then cut the branch to the desired length to match the pot you want to put the flowers in.

You can put a ribbon on the stem of the flower or you can use it as is... one per pot or you can make a few to put into a pot and the different flowers. Remember they are heavy so make sure your pot would be able to hold them - alternatively put rocks in the pot to make it heavier!
Enjoy them!!!

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