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I Love This and That: my mommy's pea soup

Thursday, May 31, 2012

my mommy's pea soup

This is what they call a hearty soup, a meal in a bowl.  I don't add the frankfurters, because I don't eat it :-) but my mom puts them in! If the soup is too thick just add a little more chicken stock...

What you need:
2 tablespoons oil 
3 medium onions chopped
3 medium potatoes cubed
1/2 teaspoon crushed garlic
500g (a packet) split peas rinsed until water runs clear
spring of thyme
6 chicken breast fillets cut into pieces
300g kassler steaks/rashes
6 frankfurters sliced
2 liters chicken stock
2 tins petit pois drained

Fry the onions and the garlic in the oil for a few minutes.  

Then add the potatoes, peas and the thyme and fry for a further 5 min or so stirring.

Add the chicken stock and allow to simmer for about 30 to 45 min (until potatoes and peas are soft)

While simmering fry the chicken and the kasseler steaks in a pan.

Allow pea mixture to cool slightly, and wizz it until smoooth (I don't like it too smooth)

Add the meat, and simmer for another 30 to 45 min

Before serving add the petit pois and stir it through so it can heat up

Serve with croutons or just as is.

Bon appetit :-)

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