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I Love This and That: pinky ponky

Thursday, March 1, 2012

pinky ponky

I had loads of fun making these pinky ponky's! Dressing them up and giving them personality was the best part :-) They make great gifts for children and you can even make them and let the children decorate the ponky themselves!

What you need:
wood shavings (you buy it at your local pet shop, they use it for hamsters)
grass seeds
felt and material to decorate 
glue (that can get wet)

To start off you need to put about a tablespoon of the grass seeds in the bottom of the stocking.  

Then fill with shavings till it is about as big as a tennis ball, and well compressed.  

You need to make sure that when you are putting the shavings in that you spread the seeds evenly and that they don't end up all on one spot, or that they get so distributed through the stocking that you pinky ponky grows facial hair :-) all the seeds needs to be on the top of the head!

Once compressed and everything in the right place tie a knot in the stocking as close to the ball as possible, and cut off the rest of the stocking.

There is obviously only two ends to a stocking and we don't want to waist! So to make your next one you tie a not as the one open end.  But now throw the seeds on the side so that the knot is not at the top of the head but on the side (like ears). And the seeds again distributed evenly on the TOP of the head!

Now the fun part starts... you need to use your imagination and go wild :-)

I've used felt, and stuck it to the stocking. Then used pins that I stuck in to give a bit of a 3D effect and extra bit of fun!

You can grow your ponky on a saucer, but I've used small recycled jam jars... makes it even more fun so you can dress it up!

To start you Pinky ponky's hair growing soak in water for 2min
Then place on saucer or recycled jam jar, close to a window where ponky will get some sun
Give pokey love, and water daily and see how his hair will grow!
You should see the first hair appearing within the first 5 days!

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