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I Love This and That: pretty tile fridge magnets

Thursday, February 16, 2012

pretty tile fridge magnets

You can use family photo's, or a theme that goes with your kitchen decor. It's also a cute gift :-)

Seen that it's the month of love,  I've chosen hearts.

What you need:
pictures you want to use for the magnets
glass mosaic tiles
small magnets (one for each tile)
polymer coating
modge podge
paint brush
cutting knife
ice-cream sticks

To start off you need to cut a square out of the piece of off-cut cardboard the same size as the tile. 

You are then going to use this window that you have cut, to see what part of the picture you want on your tile. Using the pencil mark the picture and cut it out.

Paint the picture with modge podge on both sides to seal the picture.  Then paint the tile with the modge podge, and put the picture on the tile and paint over the picture. Allow to dry and paint another layer of modge podge.  Repeat this with all the pictures.

Prepare the coating (reading the instruction of the manufacturer), I used Pratliglo by Pratley. 

Mix enough to cover all the tiles that you have made.  Using a ice-cream stick, drip a bit of the coating on the tile.  Be careful of putting to much on the tile, as it has to spread to the edges without pouring over.  

Put the stick slowly to the corners, so that the whole tile is covered with coating.  Put aside, and allow to dry completely.  When dry, turn around and stick a magnet to the back of the tile, and allow to dry.

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