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I Love This and That: flowers in a frame

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

flowers in a frame

This is a very nice idea for a bathroom or a entrance hall where you don't have space to put a vase with flowers, and a perfect way to use your old frame that has been lying around your house!

What you need:
old frame
chicken wire (cut to fit the size of your frame)
10 small nails
a hammer

4 test tubes (your local florist should stock them) or small vases with a lip - make sure the test tubes has a lip as you get some that is straight at the top and will slip through.
4 x 30cm ribbon

You start by attaching the chicken wire to the frame, with the nails and the hammer.

Measure the first few spots and put the nails in half way so that it's easy to hook the wire over it - it needs to be pulled tight. Once you have it in position hit the nails in all the way and add the rest.

Now the hard work is done!

Next, thread the ribbon through the wire where you want to attach the test tubes, and tie a bow, or just a knot around the tube.

Fill the test tubes with water, add the flowers and hang on your wall.

If you want to add a note use a mini peg and stick it to the wire.


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