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I Love This and That: paper boats

Thursday, December 1, 2011

paper boats

I like making these paper boats for parties. They not only look pretty, but they serve as a small little plate.

What you need:
scrapbook paper
a pair of scissors

They are great for...
kiddies parties to serve sweeties and biscuits
cocktail parties for serving cheese, biscuits, grapes, nuts, olives, french fries and bruchetta
picnics to serve fruit, nuts and nibbly bits... and you can use your imagination for other uses.

Scrapbook paper is lovely to use, they are just the right size to make 6 paper boats per sheet and they are so very pretty. You can choose your paper according to your party.

First cut the sheet in half. Then you have two pieces of about 15.5cm by 31cm.  Then cut each piece into 3 blocks of 15.5cm x 10.3 cm

Now cut two slits, 5cm in length, 3 cm's from each side.

Then you fold the two outside flaps in behind the middle flap so that their corners just touch at the back of the middle flap. Then staple it together.

Cut the top corners to that the ends of the boat is straight.

Now load with your favorite goodies and enjoy!

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