Thursday, November 10, 2011

petite sugar cubes

It is always nice to have sugar cubes or sugar sticks for a tea, instead of the usual sugar, but they can be costly.  So here is how to make your own :-) and they make lovely gifts too.

You can make them in any form, white or brown sugar, and adding a drop of food colouring to your white sugar you can make beautiful coloured cubes that will matches your theme of your tea party.

What you need:
mini ice cube trays
sugar (1 cup)
water (tablespoon)
a drop of food colouring (optional)

Combine the sugar and the water in a mixing bowl using a fork until its mixed through.

[For every cup of sugar use one tablespoon of water]

Spoon the sugar mixture into the mini ice cube tray

Compress the sugar into the trays using the back of the spoon

Then turn the mold over onto a dry, flat surface and gently tap the the sugar cubes out

Do not touch them, as they will crumble while still moist

Allow them to dry for at least a hour, when dry turn them over and dry for another half hour or so

And voila... ready to put into a packet as a gift or in a bowl for tea time


  1. Hmmm...dit lyk baie nice. As ek my volgende tea party hou sal ek vir die manne van hierdie goedjies maak. ;) Dink net ons gaan nie tee drink nie. :)

  2. would this work for salt?

    1. I don't think it will work for salt, but you can try and let me know :-) not sure how you are going to use salt cubes?