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I Love This and That: ribbon brooch

Thursday, November 3, 2011

ribbon brooch

I love this... looks so pretty on a jacket, just brightens it up!

FYI: A Brooch was also known as a fibula in ancient times (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/brooch)

What you need:
About half meter of pretty ribbon
Off cut material (atleast 30cm by 2-3cm)
Brooch pin
Needle and thread

First we have to start with the "inside" rose
Choose a material that will look good with the ribbon you have chosen, and cut it into a strip of about 2-3 cm's by 30cm's

Then fold the strip both ends in... so that the ends are tucked away.

To start off you will make about three circles with the one end, then you twist the material.  So now make three circles twisting once with each circle (not at the same place in the circle), then another three... twisting twice and continue in this way will desired size is reached, and the bigger the circle the more you need to twist. You will need a needle with thread of a similar color as the material and continuously stitch the material so it will stay together, the more you stitch the easier it is making this rose.  You will do about 2 to 4 stitches per circle depending on how big the circle it is, and remember to keep it pulled tight all the time!

Once you have reached the desired size you can twist and tuck in the end of the material and sew it to the edge.

Now for the ribbon.

Make six loops, leaving about a 10cm piece of ribbon on both sides.

You then put the needle neatly in the middle of the loops and spread the loops out evenly.  Sew it together once  the loops are spread out nicely.

Almost done!

Sew the brooch needle to the back and the material rose to the front.

Then cut the ends of the ribbon neatly....

There you have a awesome brooch, takes about half hour to make!

Play around with colors! You can even put a button in the middle instead of the material rose. Possibilities are endless...!


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