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I Love This and That: felt rose brooch

Thursday, November 24, 2011

felt rose brooch

Here is another brooch, for on your jacket or to dolly up a plain old top. I love it in red, but you can make it in any colour you wish.  Depending on the size of your circle, you can make small or big ones.

Felt is used everywhere from the automotive industry, to musical instruments and home construction.
 It is often used as a damper. Many musical instruments use felt. Felt is used extensively in pianos; for example, piano hammers are made of wool felt around a wooden core. The density and springiness of the felt is a major part of what creates a piano's tone. As the felt becomes grooved and "packed" with use and age, the tone suffers.
A felt-covered board can be used in storytelling to small children. Puppets can also be made with felt.
In the early part of the 20th century, felt hats, such as fedoras, trilbies and homburgs, were worn by many men in the western world.
Art and crafts. 3-D needle-felted sculptures (such as animals and humans) and 2-D needle-felted wall-hangings. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felt)

What you need: 
a wine glass
felt (one square)
needle and floss
brooch pin

Use the wine glass to draw circles on the felt with the pencil.  You need eight circles of the same size, and one that is slightly smaller.

Put the smaller one on the table. Now take the other circles, fold it in half and twist it in to form a cone. Using the needle and floss give it a stitch at the bottom, to keep the cone secure, then sew it onto the small circle. Repeat until five of the circles are sewed onto the small circle (only sew in the bottom third of the cone, you still want it to open up at the top). 

Continue with the other three cones and sew it on top of the bottom five. Pull and push the cones a bit till you get the desired shape and sew a few more stitches to keep it in place.

To sew on the brooch pin, turn the rose around and sew onto the small circle at the back.

There you have a beautiful rose brooch!



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