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I Love This and That: button up

Thursday, October 6, 2011

button up

I just love buttons, especially these fabric covered ones.  There is just so much you can do with them.

Alright I know there are some of you that has never covered a button in your life :-) so to start this project I will first teach you how to cover a button with fabric, the snap together type. Easy peazy...

What you will need:

  • uncovered snap together button form (they come in 2 pieces, front and back)
  • scrap material (remember that the button is small and big prints will "get lost" on the button so if you want print, remember to choose small print)
  • pliers if you are going to make something that you are going to stick to the back (you'll see what I mean later)
To start you cut a piece of material about a centimeter or so bigger in circumference than the button

Now turn the material face-down and place the button on the material

If you have a motive that is going to be on the button, make sure that it is the middle of the button (you can use a drop of glue (pritt or something similar so that it doesn't go through the material, this will secure the material and prevent it from slipping)

You can then start folding the material around the corners and secure it in the teeth of the button - I use my one hand to hold it and the other thumb's nail to push the material around and under the teeth of the button

Make sure that there aren't big folds around the sides, and that the material is evenly folded in all around the button

Now you can take the back part of the button  "and "click" into the back...(you will see that there is a rind, that must face the button) push down till you hear a "click" sound

Other suggestions:

If the material you are using is thin and you can see the shiny button through the material you can put a quilt batting on the top part of the button. Cut it as big as the button and don't let it fold over to the teeth, otherwise you won't get the material in and the back clicked in. It is easier if you stick the quilting to the button before you cover it with the fabric, because if it is not stuck down it shifts around.

If you are going to stick the button to something, I suggest you remove the loop at the back that was made to sew the button to something. You can just take pliers, squeeze the loop sides together and this will release the structure that forms the loop...now you go ahead as above and the surface is smooth, just with a little hole at the back.

So as I said, you can do a lot with these buttons...today I used them to make fridge magnets. All you need to do is get round magnets from your local craft shop. Make sure the magnets are strong enough to hold the button and the note under the button. Then simply use superglue of something similar to stick the magnet to the back of the button, remember to remove the loop structure before starting.

Wait for them to dry and there you have your beautiful magnets.

I used white felt and  red embroidery floss to sew a heart on the button.  This is done before you cover the button.  Remember when you cover the button that the heart must be placed in the middle.

Enjoy these fridge magnets - may they prettify your fridge and bring you loads of pleasure!


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