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I Love This and That: hook and hang

Thursday, October 20, 2011

hook and hang

I "hate" it when all my necklaces get tangled, but I made one of these...and i love it! :-) I can see what I have and no tangling... and we all have a old wooden hanger lying around the house or an old covered hanger that isn't that nice anymore. Spring is here and it's time to spring clean...get those draws sorted out!

It's so easy and an added bonus is that it looks pretty on the wall... if you don't like it hanging on your wall, you can hang it on the inside of your cupboard door.

What you need:
wooden hanger
round cup hooks (12mm)

Decide how many hooks you want on the hanger. Use the ruler to measure so that they are evenly spaced, and make a small pencil mark.

Then take the the nail and make small holes where you are going to screw in the hooks.

Now screw the hooks into the holes you have made, and voila... your necklace hanger is done!

I have taken a broach/hairpin and clipped it to the coat hanger hook just to prettify it a bit.


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