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I Love This and That: February 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Health bread

Freshly baked bread is an absolute treat for me. What is better for a summer lunch time than freshly baked bread with cold meats, salads and cheeses.  So wow your guests with this easy health bread.  This bread is a 'stir' bread, so no time needed for rising or kneading, from start to finish should take you about a hour.  You simply mix the dry ingredients add the rest of the ingredients and bake.  This recipe makes two loafs.

7 cups Nutty Wheat
4 cups Digestive Bran
2 tsp Salt
1/2 cup Sugar
1/2 tsp Cream of Tartar 
1/2 cup Sesame Seeds
1/4 cup Sunflower Seeds
2 cups Hot Water
1/2 cup Oil
4 Eggs
2 cups Amasi (or buttermilk)
4 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

Pre-heat the oven at 200 C.  

Spray two bread tins with non-stick cooking spray.  

Mix all the dry ingredients and the seeds (keep a few for on top of the loaf). Remember that if you add more seeds to the bread you will need more moisture.

Beat together the water, oil and the eggs until well mixed, and add to the dry ingredients.
Add the Bicarb to the Amasi and mix.  Add to the bread mixture and mix everything well.

Spoon into the bread tins and sprinkle with remaining seeds over the top of the bread. You will see that it is a moist mixture and not a dough.

Bake for about 40 min or until done.

Allow the bread to cool for about 5 min before  cutting it.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Milkshakes {Steri Stumpie}

Steri Stumpie, my favourite flavoured milk!

It's a great post exercise drink... apparently the ratio of protein and carbs is just right for recovery.

But even better, today I'm making some milkshakes with the steri stumpies.  It's a great idea... and everyone can choose what flavour they want {anything from strawberry, chocolate, bubblegum, vanilla, cream soda and much more}... easy and seriously yummy!

What you need: {per serving}
1/2 steri stumpie
2 scoops vanilla ice-cream

In a blender, combine the steri stumpie and ice-cream, and blend till smooth.

Pour into glasses and serve.

That easy, and the best milkshake!

Styling and recipe: Denise {ilovethisandthat}
Photography: Angelique Smith

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Origami Bird

You often see these at weddings and parties hanging from the trees... now here you can make your own origami birdies.  They are the most impressive when made in "bulk" the more the prettier.

You need to start off with a square piece of paper.  I'll explain in a step by step fashion so that it is easy to follow!

Step 1: Fold the square in half corner to corner to form a triangle.

Step 2: Fold the triangle in half, corner to corner, to form a smaller triangle.

Step 3: With the triangle lying in front of you with the point away from you and the flat side towards you, open up the top part of the triangle, and fold the inside of the right corner to the inside of the left corner.

Step 4: You should have a shape that looks like a square with a triangle to it.

Step 5: Turn over with the long flat side towards you, and the triangle point to your left.  Repeat step 3. 

When folding it over bring the left inside over to the right bottom inside.

Step 6: You end with a square. Place the square in front of you with the "open side" towards you.

Step 7: {Step 7 and 8 are just to give you lines to fold it on in step 9, but you need those lines to fold it} Fold  the left and right corners towards each other as in picture below.

 Step 8: Fold the top corner down as in picture below

{Then open the folding of steps 7 and 8}

Step 9: Open the bottom top piece only and fold the paper on the creases you have made with the previous 2 steps. You with end with a kite like shape on the top.

Step 10: Turn the paper around and repeat steps 7 to 9

{Ending with a kite shape}

Step 11: With the kite shape lying in front of you with the sharp corners to the sides.  Fold the top part of the end that points towards you, and fold it open away from you. You will see now the end pointing away from you has 3 layers and the end towards you only one.

Step 12: Turn it over with the 3 layers pointing towards you.  Then again fold the top one up, away from you. You will see that the right side will show two points as in picture below.

Step 13: Fold in half folding the left sharp point over to the right, where the two split points are.

Step 14: Turn over and repeat.

{To end with a triangle}

Step 15: Open up the two outside layers and pull the two split points out, till were you feel is enough {see picture below} and crease the paper so that they will stay there.

Step 16: Divide the point on the one side and inside fold it to form the head.

Step 17: Hold at the front of the bird {you need to hold the bottom of the wing} and put the wing down  until it stays there to make a rounding the wing.

And there you have your basic bird... if you want to play with it you can pull on the tail and the wings should go up and down :-) but to hang it...

Step 18: Thread some embroidery cotton from the bottom through the top angle of the bird {make a knot in the thread to keep the bird there, and cut just under the knot} you can put a lot of them on one thread and just make a knot to secure them at the different levels.

Hang in a tree and enjoy!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Potato Salad

I'm a bit of a food snob, and one of the things I can't handle is mayonnaisey salads, specially when they are not fresh! So I don't like mayonnaisey potato salad either, and today I'm sharing my potato salad with you.

What you need:
150g Streaky Bacon {cut into pieces}
about 500g Baby Potatoes
a medium Onion {sliced}
half a cup of Spring onions {chopped}

3 tablespoon Wholegrain mustard
1/4 cup Olive oil
1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar
2 tablespoons Lemon juice
2 tablespoon Honey

Boil the potatoes until soft {if you like, you can serve them cut in half in the salad then they absorb the dressing nicely}.
On a medium heat fry the onions in a frying pan until golden brown, then add to the potatoes.
Cut the bacon in to pieces and fry until brown and crispy, drain on a piece of towelling for a few minutes, then add to the potatoes.

Mix the dressing ingredients well, pour over the potatoes and mix in.

Cover and leave to stand until ready to serve.  Then chop some spring onions over the salad and mix through before serving.

I love this with a braai {barbeque} in the summer.

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