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I Love This and That: Oh Doily

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh Doily

I found these rectangular doily's and thought I would try and make some rosette's out of them.  And they came out very cute.  So here they are :-)

Fold them in half...

Cut off the edges

Fold them in a zig-zag fashion {you need 2 sheets to make a circle}

Stick them together

Close the circle

Stick your circle and button in the middle.

You can join it to a stick and use to stick into something.  Or stick a ribbon to the back and hang a few on the wall. Or use double sided tape and stick to a present to dolly it up!

I did a post "paper rosette" some time this year, so for more detailed instruction on how to make the paper rosette go to that post.

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