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I Love This and That: blooming book :-)

Friday, October 19, 2012

blooming book :-)

By now I think you have noticed that I like creating things out of old books, rather than reading them :-) so here is another idea for you for those old books lying around the house. It's a perfect center piece for your book-club dinner!

What you need:
an old book
craft wire
glue gun

So you start by folding the book, 3 pages at a time, as you did in the paper protea post for steps 1 and 2, until the whole book is folded.  This is the base of your creation.

Then you need to make atleast five paper roses, but instead of the sticks you need to use the craft wire.  

Now to put it all together.  Stick the wires into the hollow at the spine of the book.  Pull some out and stick some in deeper until you are happy with the position of the flowers.  You can twist some of the wires around each other to stay together.  When they are arranged in the right position use the glue gun and put a drop in the hollow at the spine of the book.

And there you have a beautiful center piece for your next party.

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