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I Love This and That: expand the jeans

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

expand the jeans

I thought this was such a clever idea.  For those ladies that's pregnant but the jeans are starting to feel uncomfortable... or if the winter was just too long and you can't buy new pants cause you are planning on loosing it all within the next 2 months. :-)  

Perfect little elastic to through into your handbag.

Take a piece of elastic of about 15 cm and at least 1.5 cm wide.  

First start by neatening the edges so that it doesn't fray.  

Then find the middle, fold it in half and sew it.

Now you need to make the buttonholes. You will see that the elastic is made up of small strands of elastic put together.  You now need to stretch out the elastic so you can take a scissors with a sharp point to put in between two of these strands and cut a hole just big enough to fit over your button.  You can just sew two short pieces at the sides to that it doesn't tear {like below} but if you feel you want to make real buttonhole holes.

There you have an "elastic thingy magig" that will save you loads of hours of uncomfortable time in your jeans :-)



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