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I Love This and That: paper rose

Sunday, September 2, 2012

paper rose

I made these paper roses out of old book pages and they give a lovely vintage feel.  You can make them out of any paper that is flexible enough to manipulate into the shape that you want it in but not too soft.

What you need: 
  • A old books pages
  • Glue gun
  • Sosatie stick (and or wire)
  • Scissors
Start by cutting "arch-like" shapes out of the old book's pages. You can cut free hand and some of them with a point at the top.  You need about five petals in each size and about four different sizes.

Now using the sosatie stick curl the ends of each petal around it to give the petal a softer feel.

Best if you do is diagonally across from both sides, but again each one can be done differently.

Then start with the smallest leave and fold it around the stick to look like this. You can also fold it around the wire so that when you are done and want to put it in a pot you can manipulate the direction of the flower.  But I recommend that you do your first one around a stick as it is easier. :-)

Stick the smaller petals on first using the glue gun and just putting a drop of glue on to stick the petal.

Turn the stick and add the petals, layering them with the smaller ones in the inside and bigger ones outside.  The curl you put in the petal with the sosatie stick should be to the outside of the flower.

Using your creative flair, form the petals as you stick them.  When sticking the outside. bigger petals, pinch the bottom together when sticking it to give the rose a nice form.

And you end up with a beatiful paper rose perfect for your next vintage tea party!

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