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I Love This and That: Name tags

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Name tags

I made these cute name tags for a craft workshop I have tomorrow and they were just too cute not to share :-) They would also be great for bridal showers, kitchen teas, or parties were all the people don't know each other.

What you need:
Old book pages
Washi tape
Off-cut ribbon
A pretty pin

Use your creative flair and tear the book pages and position the piece of paper so that the top of the "name tag" has the big open space for each person to write their name.  Then stick the ribbon to the paper just under the open space with a small piece of washi tape.  Put the pin through the washi tape.

Put all the name tags on a table with a pen, so that each person can write their own name and pin it to their chest.

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