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I Love This and That: Party invites {evite}

Monday, April 1, 2013

Party invites {evite}

For those of you that don't know the website "evite"... here is an introduction {to a website that I love to use when I'm organising an informal party or get together of any sort for invites and save the dates}

It is a perfect website for inviting guests for birthday parties, baby showers, kitchen teas, or just a simple get together were you need the guests to RSVP and update details as your guest list develops!

It's done in a few simple step.

First you choose a design, and do the wording on the invite.

Then you set-up a guest list {it saves the contact details for future invites}.  You have options to make it an open invite so that your guests can invite others {and limit the amount of people they can invite if you need to}.  The guests then RSVP and every one can see who is coming {and how many} and if someone wants to leave a comment or ask a question they can.

As you want to add to the list you can and if you need to update details you choose if you want to send it to everyone, or just those who have RSPV'd.  Here's a few examples of templates...

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