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I Love This and That: Origami paper boat

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Origami paper boat

Do these paper boats not bring back memories? 
If you have forgotten to fold them... then I'll show you how and you can teach your kids :-) so they can go sailing them on the water and have "boat races" blowing them along.  

These boats also makes cute name tag holders for parties.

You need: a 25 x 20 cm paper {I used brown paper but a A5 or a A4 would also work well}

Start by folding the paper in half {lengthwise}

Then make a fold in the middle of the paper {as a guide} and fold the two top corners towards each other in the middle, with the "open" end to the bottom.

Then fold the "open" ends up

Fold in the corners.

Repeat both sides so that you end with a triangle.

Then open the triangle and fold the two bottom corners towards each other. 

So that you end with a diamond shape.

 Fold the two bottom pieces of the diamond shape up, so that you end with a triangle again.

Open the triangle and fold the two bottom corners of the triangle towards each other.

To end with a diamond shape again.

Separate the two top corners of the diamond shape to open it up.

Voila... you have a boat!

Happy sailing ;-) 

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