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I Love This and That: Pin board in a frame

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pin board in a frame

I needed to make something to get all my business cards and things I wanted to keep sorted in my office.  Until now they have been pilling up on my desk and it's just been a big mess.  I then took an old framed print and gave it new life and it sorted out my office problem :-)

What you need: 
Frame with hardboard inside
Material {5cm larger than your hardboard all around}
Coloured elastic {I used 10m on a 65 x 80cm board}
Embroidery thread & Needle
Staple gun
Some push-pins
Batting {at least 135g} 2 times the size of your hardboard

Start by cutting two sheets of the batting the same size as the hardboard. {Not bigger! Cause when you fold the material over it will go over the edges and the hardboard wouldn't fit into the frame when you want to put it back}

Then cut the material so that it is about 5 cm bigger than the hardboard in circumference.

Using the staple gun, fold the material over the edge and staple it to the back of the hardboard. Remember to keep the edges neat! :-) And pull it quit tight as you fold over {not too tight}.

Now you have a beautifully covered hardboard :-)

Then comes the adding of the elastic to the board.  Most material shops have coloured elastic, you can use any colour - even make it a colourful board by adding different coloured elastics.  But I decided to keep it simple, white and grey.

 Firstly mark your lines, and pin the two elastics crossing each other from corner to corner.

Then using some push-pins mark every 10 cm from the centre of the board to the outside.  Using the line of the crossing elastic place an elastic every 10 cm. {I first use push-pins to put all the elastics down, to make sure I have all the angles correct}

Pull the elastic slightly and secure behind with the stable gun. {If the elastic is secured to loose your elastic wouldn't hold your business cards and papers they will just slide out}

Once you are done you have a beautiful pattern.

To add some colour I used buttons every now and then at the cross of two elastics.  First place your buttons on the board to see how you would like to sew them on.

Using embroidery thread in different colours sew the button to the two pieces of elastic crossing each other. You can end off by knotting the starting piece of thread and the ending piece and cutting it off short.

You then need to place the board back into the frame... and start sliding in your notes, business cards, invites and just everything lying around.  You can use push-pins and peg to hold things in place, but the  elastic should do the trick by its self.

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