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I Love This and That: Stamp making {foam}

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stamp making {foam}

To make a DIY stamp, there are various ways that you can do it.  The cheapest and easiest one is probably to make the  foam stamp.  The other methods is making a stamp out of rubber {like an eraser} but your stamp can't be too big and Linoleum {where you will need cutters and various equipment} but the linoleum is probably the best for a longterm stamp and the closest to a "real stamp".

But today I made a foam stamp.

What you need:
Sheet of Foam
Cold glue
Wood block

Firstly, use your pencil and lightly {don't push too hard} draw your image or word on the foam.

Then using a sharp scissors cut on the outside line of the writing and image that you drew and remove the inside parts if for instance a round circle with a whole in the middle.

Now you need to stick the foam to the wood block. Spreading the glue evenly on the wood block.

Stick it with the side that you drew on down on the block {When you stamp writing needs to be stuck on the block backwards - just if you forgot about this}

Wait for it to dry.

Now you can start stamping.  If you don't have a stamping pad or you don't have the colour you want to stamp with these stamps you can even use craft paint.

Evenly spread craft pain with a sponge brush over the image, not to thick.

Then stamp.

I made this one for a candy table for a wedding.

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